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Source: NMHS Newsletter Feb 2005

Wabash County Organization

From History of Wabash County by Helms

In June, 1835, at the first session of the County Board, the country was divided into two townships, each one eight miles by twenty-seven, the dividing line being the range line between Ranges 6 and 7. The eastern township was called La Gro, and the western Noble, "in honor" says the Record, "of James Noble, late Senator of the United States from Indiana." 

Thus the entire west half of Wabash County was Noble, and the whole of the eastern was La Gro. At that time the county (and La Gro Township) had a straight eastern line twenty-four miles in length.  The corner now shown as having been taken out of the northeast part of Chester Township was so taken after the creation of Wabash County. It belongs (two square miles) to Whitley County, and, it is to be presumed, was added to the latter county upon its formation which took place after the erection of Chester Township in 1836. The township of La Gro came to its present size and shape by several successive steps, as follows.

It was first created June 11, 1835.

In May, 1836, Chester was taken eight miles square at the north and Liberty was created eight miles square at the south leaving La Gro also eight miles east and west by eleven miles north and south.

At the June term, 1846, the board directed that the line of Liberty and La Gro Townships should be the line between Township 26 and 27, thus cutting off two miles from the north of Liberty and attaching them to La Gro Township, thus making Liberty Township six miles wide north and south and eight miles long east and west.

The line between Noble and La Gro Townships was again changed transferring a considerable amount of territory to Noble Township.

At some time a mile was cut off from  northern La Gro and attached to the south part of Chester.

A further change was afterward made, attaching still another portion of La Gro to Noble, taking, altogether, some thirteen sections.

La Gro is thus left at the present time (1884) with about eighty-five sections, containing, perhaps, a little less area than Noble, and nineteen sections more than Chester.