Peabody Singing Tower

 North Manchester, Indiana

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N. Manchester Area

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1861 Business Directory-North Manchester
1861 Business Directory-Liberty Mills
1861 Business Directory-Laketon
Early 1880s
1890 Directory
1904 Advertisers
1909 Advertisers
1912 Tax Valuations on Corporations
1920 Businesses
Business Barometer
Main St. 1923-1928
Abbott & Kitson "66" Service      PHOTOS
Abbott & Ramsey (Dray Business)                      

Abersohn & Weiner (Clothing)
Ace Hardware           PHOTOS
Acme Emblem Company (Donald R. Mote)
Agricultural Implement and Supply Co.
Air Power Manufacturing Co.
Alber's Cigar Store
A. & M. Telephone Company
Ambulance-EMS              PHOTO
American House
American Secured Finance Corporation
American Shoe Rebuilders
J.L. Amiss & N.B. Naber (Lumber Dealers)
Dr. Leila E. Andrews (Physician & Surgeon)
Anderson, A.J. (Physician)
Apex Tool & Die Co.
S.A. Argerbright
Argerbright & Straw (Furniture), 1871-1873
Argie's Beauty Shop
Armory Roller Rink (George Brookins)

Armstrong's (Appliances & Gifts)                      PHOTO
Jesse Arnold & Co. (Banking)
Jesse Arnold & W.F. Hagan (Collections & Real Estate)
Thomson Arnold (Attorney at Law)
James W. Arthur (Attorney)
Arthur's Studio (Photography)
Artistic Salon (JoDee Smith)
B & D Shoes              PHOTO
Badskey's Standard Service
Baer & Lautzenhiser (Agricultural Implements)
Baird's Grocery
Moses Baker (Brickyard)
Noah Baker (Shoe Repair)
W.H. Baker (Blacksmith)
Baker Lumber & Fence Company
Baldwin Tool Works
Ball & Lichtenwalter (Foundry & Machine Shop)
S.W. Ball & R.H. Peek (Foundry & Machine Shop)
J.H. Ballinger Meat Market (Butcher)
Dr. G.D. Balsbaugh (Physician & Surgeon)
Bank Barber Shop (Jenkins & Hoffman)
Bankrupt Clothing Company
Barne's Shoe Store and Repairs
Dr. Barnet

W.W. Barnhart (Insurance-Real Estate)
G.R. Barratt (Variety Store)
Bash & Hager (Buggies & Farm Implements)
Bashore Hatchery & Feed Store
Baugher & Phillips (Saw Mill)
Baumgartner Furniture Store
Paul A. Beam (Insurance)
Dr. Z.M. Beaman
Beauchamp & Brady (Barrel Heading Factory)
Bee Keeping
Beery Orchard                          PHOTOS
Bell, James D. (Attorney at Law)
Belsito Bros. (Ice Cream Parlor & Fruit Store)
George N. Bender (Furniture & Undertaking)        PHOTO
Ben Franklin Store
Beyer Brothers
Biddlecome & Spencer (Barber Shop)
Big Four Elevator
Bittersweet Poultry Farm (H.S. Ebbinghouse)
Blackmore Cigars
Blake's Grocery
E.A. Blickenstaff (Insurance)
J.L. Blickenstaff (Photography)
Blickenstaff's Barber Shop
Blickenstaff Brothers (Drugs & Jewelry)
Blickenstaff & Martin (Drugs & Groceries)
Bob's Shoe Store (Robert Gidley)
Dr. J.E. Bodine
Lloyd M. Bolan (Car Repair)
Bolinger Furniture and Hardware
O.H. Bolinger (Grocery)
O.H. Bolinger & Co. (Farm Machinery)
Bonawitz, Lawrence (Men's Goods)
Bonawitz, Minnie (Millinery)

Bonewitz Service Store (Groceries)
L. Bonewitz & Son (Butcher)
J.H. Bonner & Sons (Furniture & Undertaking)           PHOTO
Bonner & Whisler (Horse Traders)
Boocher Trucking
Book & Wyman (Livery)
Bowers Jewelers
A.W. Bowman (Wagons, Buggies, Agricultural Implements)
W.E. Boyer (Insurance)
Brady's Men's Store                    PHOTO
Brick Mill
Brookover & Bro. (Fruit Market)
Brooks Service Station
R.A. Brooks (Attorney)
Tater Brooks (Filling Station)
George Brower & Co. (Dry Goods & Clothing)
Brower Barber Shop
Brown & Isenbarger's Novelty and Repair Shop (Bicycles)
J.A. Browne & Co.
Browne-Gilbert Company (Office Furniture Manufacturer)
Sarah Kelton Browne (Attorney)
Browne Motor Co.
Brown & Straight (Restaurant)
Dr. O.G. Brubaker (Physician)
Bryan Manufacturing Company (Electrical Coils)
Buckhorn Cowboys/"Certain" Records (Ray Earle)
Budget Loan Corp.
Building & Cement Contractors (Kester)
Dr. Ladoska Z Bunker (Physician & Surgeon)
D.Y. Bunker (Millinery)
George Burdge (Books, Wallpaper, Pianos)
Burdge (Electric Co.)
The Bureau of Tests
Burgess Funeral Home           PHOTO
Burkhart Poultry
Burns Bakery (Furel R. Burns)
Bussard & Amiss (Lumber Yard)
G.A. Buswell (Tailor)
Butch's Cafe (Lloyd and Thelma Smelser)
J.H. Butterbaugh & Son (Saddles & Harness)       PHOTO
Butterbaugh's One Stop (Gasoline & Convenience Store)
H.U. Byrer (Groceries)
Cabinet Makers
J.A. Calvert (Grocery)
Card's Flowers
Carter's Auto Service
Central Garage (Schmalzried & Sell, Proprietors)
Central Oil Co.
Checkerboard Feed Store and Grain Elevator        PHOTOS
C.H. Legal Co. (Thelma G. Smelser)
Chuck's Cities Service Station               PHOTO
M. Ciener & Co. (Dry Goods)

Cigar Factories
Cinergy MetroNet
City Barber Shop (Cripe & Hidy)              PHOTO
City Lunch Room (Brown and Landis)
City Taxi (A. Olinger)
CKW Partnership
C and L Plumbing
Clark's Grocery
Clark's Sinclair Service
B.F. Clemans (Attorney)
Clemans & Blickenstaff (Real Estate, Insurance, Loans)

Cleveland's Service Station and Trailer Court
J.A. Clevenger (Insurance, Real Estate, Loans and Collections)     PHOTO
Andrew Cloyd (Wheelwright; Spinning Wheels)
The Cobble Shop (Shoe Repair; Oliver C. Welty and Ruth Snyder)
Coblentz & Son (Art & Max Coblentz)                   PHOTO
Cochran & Cochran (Chiropractic)
Coleman's Manchester Printing
Collectibles Ltd. (Jane Fuller)
College Book Store
College Market
C.M. Comer (Clothing)
Henry Comstock (Cattle)
William Comstock (Cattle)
Conradt & Boots (Clothing)
Controls Company of America
Dr. Eugene Cook

J.M. Cook (Notes, Mortgages)
Cook's Paint Store
Coon's Flamingo Grill
Benjamin Cowgill (Tannery)
John L. Cowgill (Boots & Shoes)
S.S. Cox Show Case Company          PHOTO
Creamery Company
Crill & Baer (Implement Store)             PHOTO
J.E. Crill Photography
Crim and Thomas (Millinery)
Dr. E.J. Cripe, M.D.
Dr. Daniel Croner (Dentistry)
Lemon W. Crouch (Law)
A.W. Crow (Barber & Radio Repair)
Crownover's Jewelry
Crystal Ice Company
Crystal Theatre              PHOTO
Bert Cummins (Watch & Clock Repair; Tailoring)
Frank Cunningham (Auto Repair)
Curtiss Grill
Cussen Service Center             PHOTO
Custom Canning (C.C. Weimer)
Cut Price Clothing Store (M. Holub)
W.T. Cutshall (Organs)
Dailey & Hussey (Books & Stationery)
Dailey & Rhodes (Groceries)
Dairy Queen                      PHOTO
Dairy Snack Bar
Dale and Dick's Garage
Dr. W.K. Damron (Dentist)
Dang Song (Chinese Laundry)
Mr. Dave's Restaurant (Dave & Shirley Clapp; Kevin & Tina Clapp)
Lewis Davies (Chairmaker)
Davis' Infants' and Children's Shop
DeLaughter Mortuary (Darwin DeLaughter)
Delvin's Restaurant
A.K. Denny (Farm Equipment)
Dave Derf (Restaurant)
DeWitt Auto                 
DeWitt Building
Dluzak Brothers Implement Company
D & M Machine Co.

Double Dip Shop (Kenny Clapp)
Frank Downs (Barber)
Dreamland Cafe (Ice Cream & Lunches)               PHOTO
Dreamland Theatre
Drug Stores
Dr. Duglay, Osteopathic Physician
Mrs. Duke (Millinery)
Dunbar & Mathews
East End Peanut Parlor                 PHOTO
Ebbinghous Bros. (Shoe Store)         PHOTOS
Terri Eckert School of Dance
Economy Drug Store (J.O. Malsburg)
Economy Furniture (Paul H. Wendel & Tom D. Baker)
Economy Shop (Batteries; Welding), Cloyd B. Sherburn
Daniel Edgar (Spring Bed Manufacturer)
Eel River Company
Eel River Creamery
Eel River Telephone Company             PHOTO
Effie's Tea Room
John F. Eichholtz (Boots & Shoes)
Eiler Service Station
Eiler & Allen (Electric Service)
Emley's Feed Mill
Enyeart, Ed (Blacksmith)
Essex Wire Corporation (Transformers & Coils)
Estep's Dairy (U.G. Estep)
A.W. Evans (Groceries)
Excelsior Factory
The Fair (General Store)
Fairgrounds                         PHOTO
Fanning's Bakery              PHOTO
Farm Bureau Hatchery
Farm Bureau Lumber Co-op
Farm Implement
Farmers Elevator Co.
Farmer's Home Restaurant
Fashion Shoe Store
Faudree Brothers (Painters)
Faurot's Grocery and Meats
Fedewa Appliance Store
Felter's Harness Shop
Finnell Grocery & Locker
First Federal Savings & Loan
First Financial Bank
First National Bank
Fleetwood Sewing Center
Flour Mills
Floyd & Waddell (Millinery)
Floyd's Sunoco
Fogel & Walters (Furniture & Undertaking)

Folding Bath Tub Co.
Drs. E.W. & J.W. Ford (Physicians)
Ford, J.W. (Title Agency)
W.B. Foster (Musical Instrument Repair)
Foster & Martin (Drug Store)
David Frame (Grocery)
D. Frame & Son (Hardware)         PHOTO
John W. Frantz (Masonry)
O.C. Frantz (Insurance & Real Estate)
Frantz Lumber Company
Freed-Print, Mrs. Liegh B. Freed
Liegh Freed (Music Publisher)                
Freel's Oil Service                   
F.P. Freeman, Real Estate, Pianos & Musical Merchandise      PHOTOS
Freeze Jewelry
Frieden Real Estate (Paul Frieden)
Frieden Service Co. (Marcus G. Frieden)
Frye's Grill
Furniture Making
Gahl's Garage (Paul Gahl)
Gamble Agency Store (Auto & Electric Supplies)
Gara & Wise (Furniture & Undertaking)
I.J. Garwood (Physician and Surgeon)
Joseph Geik (Grocer)
Gem Theatre
Giek Brick & Tile Factory
Frank M. Gift (Cigar; Loans)            PHOTO
Gilbert's College Inn
Gill's Used Furniture Store
Gingerick & Stewart (Attorneys)
Dr. David Ginther
D. Ginther (Red Front Drug Store)
Goldsmith & Boots (Clothing)
Dr. D.A. Goshorn (Physician & Surgeon)
O.A. Gottschall & Son (Undertaking)
Grain Elevators
Grand Central Barber Shop
Grandstaff Hentgen Funeral Service
Grandstaff Rendering
E.W. Gresso Company--Gresso Department Store                       PHOTO
George Gresso (Boots & Shoes)
Gresso & Shock (Clothing)
Charles T. Gribben (Druggist, Rexall)           PHOTOS
Marion Grim (Contractor, Builder-Brick Buildings)
Grist's Builders Supply
Gross Restaurant (Ruth Gross)
Dr. George Grossnickle (Physician)
J.D. Grossnickle (Auctioneer)
Grossnickle Construction Company
Grove's Grocery (Guy Grove)
Gump Bros. & Paulus (Furniture & Undertaking)
Gump & Walters (Furniture & Undertaking)           PHOTO
Gump, Walters & Dewey (Furniture & Undertaking)
Hackett Brothers, Inc. (Machine Tools)

D.N. Hagans (Restaurant)
A. Haines & Son (Undertaking)
Hall's Drug Store
Halladay Heating and Plumbing
Dr. C. Hamilton (Druggist)
Hammond Dairy Company
Hampton Garber Company

Hansel & Gretel Shoppe
Hanson's New Store (P.E. Hanson)
Dr. G.W. Harding (Physician & Surgeon)
L.A. Harman (Dry Goods)
Harrell & Johnson (Barbershop)
Harrell & Moloney (Barbershop)
E.G. Harter (Meat Market)
J.B. & J. Harter (Druggists)
J.B. & J. Harter (Insurance)
Harter's News Stand
Harting Furniture Company          PHOTO
E.P. Hartman (Cigars)
Harvey's Five & Dime Store          PHOTO
Hatfield's (Flowers)
Hathaway Battery Service
Hathaway Bros.-The Grill                  PHOTO
Hathaway Frozen Food Locker
Hathaway Realty and Construction Company
Hay & Urschel's Department Store          PHOTO
J.E. Hayes & Co. (Grocery)
Hayes Motors             PHOTOS
Hay's Variety Store, Harry Hays
Heckman Bindery
S. Heeter (Blacksmith & Wagon Shop)
Heeter's Garage
Heeters Grocery
Heinold Hog Market
Helm, Snorf (Dry Goods & Clothing)      PHOTO
Charles Henney (Sign Painter)

Michael Henney (Tin Shop)              PHOTO
Herron and Hester Drilling Company
Hewitt Bros. (Agricultural Implements-Manufacturer)
Hiatt's Superette (Grocery)
H & M Cafe (Hickman & Mabee Cafe)              PHOTO
Wendell M. Hicks Co. (Realtors)
Hidy Barber Shop (George Hidy)
Hidy & Henney (Cigar Distributors)             PHOTO
Highway Market Sign Co., C.B. DeLancey
J.V. Hiler (Carpenter & Contractor)
Hill Tailor and Cleaners, Otho E. Hill
Hines Farm Equipment
Hippity Hop Cafe
Hire's Gifts & Electronics
P.N. Hirsch and Co. (Clothing and Shoes)
J. Hitzfield (Harness Shop)
W.L. Holbrook (Dentist)
Dr. Emma G. Holloway (Physician & Surgeon)
Honolulu Conservatory of Music (Walter & Helen Peterson)
Hoosier Skirt Company
Hoover's Book Store (M.W. Hoover)
Hoover Poultry Farm and Hatchery
Hopkins & Miller (Hardware, Agricultural Implements)
C.W. Horn (Photography)                PHOTO
Dr. F.A. Hornaday (Dentist)
Fred Horne (Machinist, Plumbing & Heating)               PHOTO
W.B. Hornish (Tailor), 1873
Horse Racing
Hospitality House Restaurant & Gift Shop
C. W. Houser & Son Construction (Builders & Remodeling)         PHOTO
Howe Bait                  
Howe's Texaco (Bruce Howe)               PHOTO
U.R. Howenstine (Real Estate, Loans, Insurance)
Will Hower (Barber)
H & R Block Co.
Huffman's Restaurant                    PHOTO
Hull & Son (Buggies)
Humbert & Shaw (Dry Goods)
Huntress Printing Company (John H. and Grace E. Huntress)
Hurri-Hot Company (Electric Water Heaters)
Hygienic Steam Laundry
Indiana Gas and Water Company
Indiana Magazine Broker (Charles D. Holland)

Indiana Silo and Paint Co.
Indiana State Bank                PHOTO
Instant Water Heater Co.
Ireland Abstract (Charles H. Ireland)
Isenbarger & Arnold (Real Estate & Loans)
Isenberger & Fleming (Law, Real Estate & Loans)
Jack of Trade (Painting, Siding, Roofing, Plumbing)
Dr. Charles D. Jacobs (Chiropractic)
E. James (Barber)
W.O. Jefferson Livery
Jefferson Motor Sales (Studebaker Dealer)
John Jelinek (Tailor)
John N. Jenkins (Barber)
J.M. Jennings (Grocery)
Jerome's Ladies' Smart Apparel          PHOTOS
Jerry's Restaurant
Jim and Jim Barber Shop
Jim's Choice (Photo Finishing & Tobaccos)
Johnson's Bakery
C.D. Johnson (Livery)
Edgar M. Johnson (Rexall Druggist)
T.C. Johnson (Shoe Repair)
W.H. Johnson (Saloon)
Dr. C.E. Keener (Dentist)
Kelsey & Piatt (Meat Market)
John F. Kelton (Attorney)
KenapocoMocha (Coffee & Pastries)
Kennedy Tire Service (Kennedy-Lucas)                            PHOTO
Keppler Furnace Company (Glenn M. Keppler)
Kesters Brikcrete Co.
Key Pharmacy
Kilborn, Chester W. (Cigar Manufacturer)      PHOTOS
Ira L. King Insurance Agency
Kinney & Wilson (Boots & Shoes)
Kinsey Bros. (Big Four Elevator)
Daniel Kitson (Attorney)
John Knowles (Wagon & Buggy Repair)
Knull Motor Co. (Automotive Sales and Service)
Frank L. Kohr (Plumbing)
Bruce Kramer Company--Kramer the Kleaner
Dr. C.F. Kraning (Dentist)
Russel C. Kreamer (Ford Sales & Service)
Kreis Grocery
Krisher's Hat Shop
Krisher & Sandoz (Meat Market)
William Krisher (Cabinetmaker)
Kroger Grocery                   PHOTO
Kunkel Co. 5 & 10¢ Store             PHOTO
Kurtz & Marsh (Flax Mill)
Jim Labas Auto Sales
Lady Bug Boutique (Women's Clothing & Fashion)
Walter Laidlaw, Jr. (Slate Roofer)
Laketon Equipment Company (Fuel Oil & Asphalt)
Laketon Furniture (Ussery)
Laketon Hardware Company (Hardware & Furniture)
Laketon Locker (Ebbinghouse)
Laketon Marl & Gravel Company
Laketon Nurseries (John W. Moyer)               PHOTO
Laketon Sand Brick Company
Laketon Tool and Machine Works
N.W. Lamb (Barber)
Dr. T.A. Lancaster (Physician)
Lance's Super Valu (Groceries)
Landis Drug Store               PHOTO
Landis Shell Service
Lane, J.W. (Piano, Organ Teacher)
Lantz House
LaSalle Egg Farm
A.G. Lautzenhiser (Farm Implements)              PHOTO
E.L. Lautzenhiser (Agricultural Implements)
J.K. Lautzenhiser & Co. (Meat Market/Groceries)         PHOTOS
J.S. Lautzenhiser (Bicycles)            PHOTO
Lautzenhiser & Howenstine (Real Estate, Loans, Insurance)
Lautzenhiser & Sheets (Restaurant, Bakery)
Lautzenhiser & Thomas (Insurance & Loans), L.G. Lauzenhiser & A.B. Thomas
Lavey & Sons (Jeweler)                     PHOTO
La Vogue Beauty Salon
Lawrence National Bank
Lawrence, Snorf & Co.
Lawrence & Whisler (Dry Goods, Clothing, Groceries)
Layman Appliances
Lee Home Furnishings (Coon)
Leedy Motor Co. (Chevrolet Dealer)
Leffel, Ezra (Drayman)
Lesh, Shively & Metzger (Stave, Heading & Shingle Factory)
Lewis and Lewis Auto Supply
Liberty Elevator              PHOTO
Liberty Mills Livestock (Auction & Stockyards)             PHOTOS
Lincoln Sanitarium (E.L. Lautzenhiser, D.C.)
Ivan Little Hardware, The ACE Store
J.B. Lockwood (Furnaces, Tin Work)           PHOTO
Lois's Fabrics                    PHOTO
Long Lake Summer Resort                    PHOTO
Jacob E.S. Lorenz (Jewelry)
Louie's Candy                 
Louie's Sport Shop
Lowman & Kester (Shoe Store)

William & J.B. Lowry (Dry Goods)
L.R. Ludlow (Agricultural Implements)
Daniel Lutz (Tobacco & Cigars)
Lutz & Rager Clothing & Groceries
M and M City Service
Main Street Hardware, Chas. B. Frame
Main View Inn
Maloney's Barber Shop
Manchester Airways
Manchester Atlas Company
Manchester Auto Sales and Service
Manchester Bank (Jesse Arnold)
Manchester Barber Shop (John Conley)
Manchester Bonnet Co. (Bonnets, Prayer Coverings)
Manchester Builders (Richard D. Frantz)
Manchester Candy Kitchen (Jerome Solliday)
Manchester Clinic
Manchester Construction Company (Piper)
Manchester Cooperatives
Manchester Farm Center
Manchester Floor Covering
Manchester Foundry & Machine Shop
Manchester Hassock Factory
Manchester Heating and Plumbing
Manchester House (Samuel J. Richards, Prop.)
Manchester Lanes (Bowling)                PHOTO
Manchester Manufacturing Co.
Manchester Milk Co. (Geo. F. Byerly)
Manchester Mills (Strauss & Arnold)
Manchester Mobile Estates & Sales
Manchester Printing Company                   PHOTOS
The Manchester Republican (Newspaper, Printing)
Manchester Roller Mills (Strauss & Gingerick)
Manchester Saddlery (John Herr)
Manchester Sales (Appliances), J.D. Butterbaugh
Manufacturing Industries
Marathon Service Station (Carl Johnson)
J.B. Marks & Son (Drug Store)                    PHOTO
S.H. Marquis (Tailor)
Dr. Daniel Marshall (Physician)
Marshall Theater                 PHOTOS
J.J. Martin (Flowers)
J.J. Martin (Photography)
Martin's Drive-In (Rex and Lois Martin)
Martin Plumbing & Heating Company
MATCO (Tim Bolinger, Guns & Gunsmithing)
Mather Electric Service (Lewis W. Allen & Cecil L. Eiler)
P.B. Maxwell's
Maynard's Men's Shop                   PHOTO
Fred E. McClure & Son (Hardware)
McClure Realty
McKee Mortuary (Mike McKee)
McKinney's Appliances & Electronics
McNown's Grocery (C.S. McNown)
McOmber's Restaurant
Mrs. Mehargs (Yarns)
Jacob Meisner (Undertaker)
Melody Travel Trailers
W.T. Mendenhall, M.D. (Medicine)
Mendenhall Electric (Bob Mendenhall)
Merchants Pay Day System (Albert Weimer & Charles Nixon)
George Merkle Hatchery
Mess, Simpson & Fetter (Tannery)
Messer Greenhouse
Abe Metzger (Blacksmith)
Metzger's Auction & Real Estate
"Sport Metzger" Mobile Gas Station
Meyers Motors
Mike's Cafe/Mike's Restaurant
Mike's Standard Service      PHOTOS
A. Miller (Dentist)                            

A.B. Miller               PHOTO
D.S. Miller (Groceries)
J.E. Miller (Foundry; Manufacturer of Plows, Wood Pumps)
Miller Brothers (Buggies, Wagons, Farming Implements)     PHOTO
Miller's New Drug Store
Miller's Restaurant
J.C. Milliron (Jeweler)
Mills                    PHOTOS
A.C. Mills
Henry Mills (Grocery)
John S. Mills (Hardware and Groceries)
S.E. Mills
Milton Electric Brooder Co. (Glenn & Opal Keppler)
Minear Bros. (Ford Dealer)
Misener & Gresso (Shoes)
Modern Builders (Richard D. Frantz & Max C. Leiter)
Morris 5 & 10 Cent Store
Mort Grocery (S.E. Mort)
Donald R. Mote (Attorney)
Emuel I. Mowrey (Cabinetmaker)
G.C. Murphy Co.
Mutual Grain Elevator (Walter Niccum)
Myers Implement Sales (Massey-Ferguson)

Myers & Noftzger
David Myers & James Parmalee (Blacksmiths)
A.E. Naber (Men's Clothing)-Bell Clothing Store
Naber Hardware
Naftzger & Co. (Hardware)
Nagle Bros. (Barbers)
Naragon & Purdy (CPAs)
Neal's Tasty Ice Cream Store
Neander's Garage
P.W. Needham (Photography)
Dr. C. Kendall Neher (Physician & Surgeon)
Nelson's Barber Shop
J.H. Newding (Men's Clothing)
Newhouse & Miller (Drug Store)
New Madison Tile and Lumber Company (David Hamilton and Geo. W. Eichholtz)
News-Journal (William E. Billings)
Newt's Cafe
New York Cheap Store (Jacob Oppenheim)         PHOTO
Nichols City Transfer (Taxi/Jitney Service)          PHOTO
Nickel-Plate Skating Rink
 L. J. Noftzger & Co. (Hardware)                 PHOTO
Noftzger & Miller (Monuments; Marble Works)
Nordman's Bar                     PHOTO
Norris & Freeman (Pianos)             PHOTO
Northern Indiana Claims Management (Wright)
Northern Indiana Telephone Co.
Northfield Company (Furniture)              PHOTOS
North Manchester Airport
North Manchester Club House and Gymnasium
North Manchester Concrete Silo Company (D.N. Schubert & M.V. Schubert)
North Manchester Creamery
North Manchester Farm Bureau Elevator
North Manchester Farm Bureau Lumber Yard

North Manchester Farm Equipment                PHOTO
North Manchester Fertilizer (Grandstaff)
North Manchester Foundry                    PHOTOS
North Manchester Garage and Machine Shop
North Manchester Hatchery (D.A. Baumgartner)
North Manchester Herald (Printing)
North Manchester Journal (Newspaper/Printing)
North Manchester Laundry (Ross)
North Manchester Leader (Newspaper, 1897-1898)
North Manchester Lumber Co.             PHOTO
North Manchester Marble Company
North Manchester Stove Sales
North Manchester Tile Works (Emanuel W. Geik)
North Manchester Trucking Co. (H.E. Bussard & L.A. Young)
Oak Barber Shop (N.O. Naber)
James Oakley (Cabinetmaker)
Ogden Printing Company (Mark & Ielene Ogden)
Ogden and Beck Auto Sales (Jim Beck and Devon Ogden)
Dr. E.C. Ohmart (Homeopathic Physician)
O.K. Barber Shop                 PHOTO
Dayton Olinger (Fruit Market)
Olinger's Bowling Alleys
Olinger & Ulrey (Auto Repair)
Olinger & Warvel (Sporting Goods)
Olinger & Warvel, Ford Dealership (Charles Olinger and Jonas Warvel)    PHOTOS
One World Handcrafts
Opera House
B.E. Oppenheim (Clothing)
Oppenheim's, 1876-2000                PHOTOS
Overholt Quality Shop (Heating)
Pacific Express Co.
Palace of Fashion (Millinery-Wood Sisters)
The Pantry Shelf (V.L. Ramsey)
Parker's Garage
Parker & Wilson (Service Station)
William Parmerlee & Asa Weeks (Blacksmiths)
E.P. Paul (Furniture & Undertaking)              PHOTO
Paul's Double Dip and Grill (Galen Paul)
A. Pavey & Co. (Grocery)
Peabody Retirement                   PHOTOS
Peabody Seating (School Furniture)
Peden Grocery & Locker
Peerless Bakery (Glen Heeter & Clara Neer)
Pennsylvania Tin Shop (G.F. Walters)
Petre, Eichholtz & Valdenaire (Planing Mill & Churn Factory)
Tobias Peugh (Restaurant)
C.F. Pierson Shoe Store

Jack Pinney Chevrolet-Olds
Pioneer Trouser Co. (Sidney J. Baumgarten)
Frank Place, The Picture Gallery (Photographer)
Planing Mill
Playmore Recreation Center
Polk Oil Company (George Polk & Herman Martin)
Porter, the Tailor
J.R. Pottenger (Tile Mill)
Pottenger Bros. (Bottle Gas/Ranges)
Pottenger Sales Co. (Ford Dealer)
Pratt's Restaurant
Priser Auto Sales          PHOTOS
Priser Cleaners
P. & S. Cancer Sales Co. (Cancer Treatment)
Mrs. Pugh's Variety Store
Pyramid Oil Company/Pyramid Tire & Rubber Co. (Wilcox)         PHOTOS
Quality Bakery
Quivey, E.E. (Dentist)
Quivey, Ridgley & Co. (Clothing)
Racket Store (Shoes, Clothing, Hats)
Radio Theatre
C.B. Rager (Dental Surgeon)
Rager's Store
Rager & Wallace (Woolen Factory)
Ray's Basement Bargain Store (Raymond Cullers)
Rays of Light (J.J. Martin, Newspaper devoted to Bee-keeping & Poultry Raising)  PHOTO
Rays of Light (Newspaper)             PHOTO
Reahard Implement Co. & Auctioneer
J.W. Ream (Furniture)
Ream's Drive-In Market
Levi Reed (Saddle & Harness)
Dr. U.W. Reed (Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
Reiff Radio and Television
Religious Supply Service, Inc.
F.J. Rettig (Bicycles)
Rex Telephone Co.
Rex Windmill
A.F. Rice Studio (Arthur Rice, Photography)             PHOTO
Levi Rice (Photography)                      
W.H. Ridenour (Attorney)
N.J. Ridgley (Millinery)
P.C. Ridgley & Co. (Grocery)
Ridgley & Lower (Druggists)
Rife, Powell & Walter (Spokes & Hubs)
Rigdon's Jewelry
Ringenberg Real Estate

Dr. C.H. Risser (Dentist)
Ritenour Real Estate
E.S. Rittenhouse (Liberty Bird Flour, Feed, Cement)           PHOTO
Ritz & Marshall Theaters
Riverbridge Electric
Riverside Greenhouse              PHOTO
Rodkey & Richard's (Restaurant)
Roeger's Grocery
John B. Rose Hardware (Coast-to-Coast Store)
Royer's Riverside Auto Service (Howard R. Royer)
Rufle Jewelry                         PHOTO
Ruppel's Electric Fixtures & Supplies              PHOTO
Wayne Ruse and Lorin Badskey, Standard Station     PHOTO
Rush Tea Co., D.F. Priser and Emma A. Priser
Russell, Lew (Barber)
Charles A. Sala (Attorney)
Sala & Barsh (Druggists)
Sam's Restaurant
Sandoz & Place (Meat Market)
G. William Sayers (Insurance)
Scheerer Insurance & Realty Services (George Scheerer)

Dr. F. F. Scheller (Dentist)
R.A. Schoolcraft (Dry Goods, Clothing)
Schoolcraft & Schoolcraft (Chiropractors)
The Schubert Company (M.V. Schubert & M.V. Schubert, Jr.)
M.V. Schubert Manufacturing Co.
Schutz Brothers (Saddlery)
SCS Computers
Sears (Authorized Catalog Merchant)

Seifert's High 5 Sports
A.J. Sellers (Tailor)
Dr. George Seward
Seward Associates Real Estate (Taylor Seward)

Dr. Phillip Shaffer (Physician & Surgeon)
Dr. W.H. Shaffer (Dentist)
John Shallenberger (Meat Market)
Sheaks "66" Service Station
Daniel Sheller (Groceries-Red Front Grocery)         
Sheller Hotel
Sheller-Roll Company
Sheller & Weber (Restaurant)              PHOTO
Shepherd's Chevrolet
B.F. Shilt (Grocery)
Shirey's Paint and Wallpaper
H.T. Shively (Cities Service Gas Station)

J.H. Shively (Cigars, Seed Sowers)
Shively's Dairy      PHOTOS 
Shively, Eichholtz & Co. (Dry Goods; Clothing)
Shively Insurance Agency (Roger F. Shively)
Shock & Shupp News Depot
Dr. George L. Shoemaker (Physician & Surgeon)
H.A. Siders (Restaurant + Boarding House)
Siling Brothers (Woodworking)
L. Silverstein (Clothing & Shoes)
Singer & Toland (Hardware)
G.W. Sipe (Butcher)
Sites Insurance Agency
Slusser's Restaurant and Confection Stand
A.P. Smith (Book Store)
Smith & Co. (Coal, Wood, Flour, Feed)
D. Smith & Co. (Clothing)
Smith & Douglass (Grocers; Bakers)  PHOTO
John F. Smith (Cabinetmaker)
Joseph W. Smith (Grocery)
Rollin L. Smith (Plumbing, Heating, Bottle Gas)          PHOTO
John Snell (Women's Apparel)
Levi Snell (Auctioneer)
C.A. Snyder City Meat Market
Cliff Snyder Motors (Ford Dealer)               
Snyder's I.G.A. Market                        PHOTOS
Softwater Service Company (Weimer)

Solliday Candy Kitchen
Spann's Cafe
Spann and Luckenbill (Floor Covering)
P.B. Speed (Shoe Repair)
Spencer Insurance Agency            PHOTO
Spencer Real Estate (Barbara Spencer)
Spiece & Rhoades
W.F. Spiker (Grain Elevator)
Squire Shop (Van Reiff and James Boardman)               PHOTO
Standard Recording Company (Cash Register Manufacturer)
Stands Bros. Grocery
Star Bakery
Star Clothing House (Boyd L. Thomas)
John Steller (Meat Market)
A.L. Stephenson (Dentistry)
A.E. Stewart & Co. (Furniture)
Stewart & Ellwood (Furniture, Undertaking)       PHOTO
Stewart & Naftzger (Hardware)
Stickley Furniture
David M. Story (Cabinetmaker)
Strauss Bros.
Strauss businesses
Strauss & Arnold (Flour Mill)                PHOTOS
Strausss & Gingerick (Flour Mill)                   PHOTOS
Strickler, Miller & Co. (Boots, Shoes)
Stucker's Shoe Store
Stuckey Bros. Garage (Auto Sales & Service)
Style Shop (Children's & Women's Wear)
Style Shoppe (Women's & Children's Clothing), Louis Escol
Sunny Side Service (Leon Butterbaugh)
Sunrise Dairies (Ohmart-Ireland)
Swaim's Bakery, John Swaim
Swank & Eichholtz (Grocery)
S.P. Swank (Shoe Repair)
Joseph Swindell (Produce/Groceries)
D.G. Switzer (Auto Supplies)
Syler & Syler (Elevator & Coal Yard)               PHOTO           
Syracuse Screen & Grille Company              PHOTO             
Sy's Welding & Repair
Tate Pullet Farms
Tip Taylor (Electrical Repair)
Telephone Cos.
A.B. Thomas (Insurance Agency)
J.B. Thomas (Bakery)
Thompson & Jenkins (Barbers)
Ed Thrush (Blacksmith)
Henry Thrush (Buggies, Carriages, Road Wagons)
Tilman's Restaurant
Today's Image (Hair Salon)
The Tog Shop (Tailoring), Thurle and Ivan Little
Town and Country Real Estate
John Townsend (Chairmaker & Painter)
L.C. Townsend (Millinery)
Tranter Paper Co.
Trick Lumber Company
J.F. Tridle (Lumber)
A.L. Turner & Son (Furniture & Undertaking)
William H. Turner (Clothing)               PHOTOS
Turner's Modern Hardware Store
Twin Kiss Drive-in              PHOTO
Earle R. Tyler (Jeweler)                  PHOTO
Tyner and Wray DX Service Station
Ulery's Appliances
U.J. Ulman (Groceries)
Ulrey, Harter & Co.
Ulrey & Shively (Cigars)
H. Ulrey & Co. (Meat Market; Henry & Jake Ulrey)
J.W. Ulrey (Dry Goods & Clothing)
Ulrey & Mentzer (Livery & Sale Barn)
Ulrey, Tyler & Company (Building Material)
Undertakers                 PHOTOS
Union Bakery
Union House
Union Trust Company (Banking)
Uptown Beauty Shoppe (Urschel & Urschel)
Urschel's Community Club
L.P. Urschel & Son/Urschel's Department Store                PHOTO
Valentine, A.W. (Furniture)

Valley Construction Company (Ray A. Kline)
J.W. Van Arsdol (Tailor)
Vanity Beauty Salon
Dr. G.L. Venable
Vickrey & Fanning (Coal)
Wabash County Farm Bureau Co-op Elevator
Dr. J.H. Waddell (Physician)
Wagon Makers
Wallace & Rogers (Woolen Mill)
Wallace & Switzer (Woolen Mill)
Walnut Street Cafe (John & Don)
Walnut Street Barber Shop (Paul W. Smith)
Dr. W.M. Walrod (Physician)
B. Walter & Co. (Spokes & Staves)
Dr. Floyd F. Walters, D.C.S. (Chiropractic)
B.F. Wampler (Insurance)
Wampler's Cozy Corner
Wampler Jewelry Store
Ward & Hudson (Ford Dealer)
Ward's Jewelry Store
Warner Brooder and Appliance Company               PHOTO
Warner & Son (Meat Market)
Warren Mfg. Co. (Paper Penholder Factory)
W.H. Warvel, Attorney
J.P. Watkins & A.P. Smith (Insurance, Loans, Real Estate)
Webber Restaurant (W.H. Webber)
Weber Auto Company
We Care Chiropractic (James L. Wion, D.C.)
Weeks & Stadler (Blacksmiths)
Weesner Taxi Service
Weimer Canning Factory                  PHOTOS
Weimer's Flying Service
Weimer Locker Company                     PHOTO
Weimer Soft Water Company, Inc.
Dr. H.O. Wells (Physician, Surgeon, Optician)
Wendel Floor Covering
Irven W. Wendel, The Home Work Shop

Werking's Studio
Z.T. Werner (Shoe Repair)
Werner and Putnam Sawmill
Wertenberger & Voreis (Funeral Director)
Wesner Bros. (E.D. Wesner & M.L. Wesner), Druggists and Jewelers
West End Market (Giek & Groninger)
West End Radio Shop (Radio & Electric Appliances), Lowell S. Poer
Westafer's Standard Service
Western Auto Store (John A. Snyder)                    PHOTO
Wetzel Insurance Agency
W & H Oil Company
Harry White (Florist)                     PHOTOS
Whitinger &  Boggs (Physicians & Surgeons)
Whitlow & Horn (Blacksmith & Wagon Shop)
Wible's Shoe Store                   PHOTOS
J.W. Williams & Son (Drug Store)
Willis Barber and Beauty Shoppe
Wilson's Shoe Repair
Winfield of North Manchester (Morris E. Cook)
Wing Florist
Winton & Boggs (Physicians and Surgeons)
Drs. Horace & C.H. Winton (Medicine)
Drs. Winton & Waddell (Medicine)
J.H. Wirt, M.D. (Physician & Surgeon)
Bert Wolfe's Footwear Shop              
Fred Wonderly (Restaurant)
Wonderly & Abbott (Meat Market)
Wonderly & Reiff (Grocery)
Wood-Crafts Company
Wool Market
Wray and Tyner, DX Station        
Dr. G.E. Wright (Dentist)
L.D. Wright (Insurance & Real Estate)
Wright Funeral Home
Yellow Front Restaurant
Yoder's Insurance Agency
York's Store, Harry B. York (Dry Goods)
J.P. Young (Painter)
S.P. Young (Blacksmith; Carriages & Wagons)
Young & Shupp (Coal)              
Young Hotel
Ziker Cleaners