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North Manchester

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Source: N. Manchester Journal, May 27, 1908

Local Owners Form Club for Pleasure and Protection

There was a meeting of automobile owners at the garage of Olinger & Warvel Wednesday night of last week at which there was a goodly representation of the local automobilists. The result was the organization of a club for the mutual pleasure and protection of the members. Dr. G.L. Shoemaker was elected president; C.H. Olinger, vice president; Dr. F.S. Kitson, secretary, and James Peabody, treasurer. The automobile question was discussed in all its local bearings and it is expected that every owner of a machine in this locality will become a member.

As stated above the purpose of the organization is not only for pleasure but for the protection of the members. It is the intention of the club to create a better feeling between the owners of the machine and other people, especially farmers. It is a recognized fact that the automobile has come to stay, the same as the bicycle, and that the owners have certain rights both in law and justice. While there has never been any feeling between the owners and the public in this community, it cannot be denied that there are those who look upon the automobile man as a sort of outlaw and are not disposed to grant him even the rights conferred by law. The principal purpose of this club is to eradicate this feeling by education and fair treatment. It will be the aim of the organization to compel its members to give respectful treatment to the public and in return demand the same. The general road rules that custom has brought in force generally governing the driving of automobiles will be insisted on by the organization and the members will be expected to cultivate a friendly feeling with the country people. The club will put a ban on reckless driving and ungentlemanly conduct on the roads, and will also insist on their vehicle rights to the roadway. The club will also prosecute all attempts to damage or wreck machines. Altogether the objects of the club are good and the organization will no doubt be a great success. For social and pleasure features club meetings and trips will occasionally be arranged for and other organizations of the kind will be entertained.

There are quite a number of automobiles owned in this locality and it is expected all of them will join the club. Following is a list of the automobile owners: V.L. DeWitt, Dr. D. Ginther, George  Burdge, Dr. G.L. Shoemaker, John Isenbarger, Olinger & Warvel, A.G. Lautzenhiser, Fletcher Kroft, Dr. W.H. Shaffer, J. B. Peabody, Allen Heck, A.E. Naber, Harmon Naber, Jacob Wolfe, Dr. L. H. Tennant, Thomas Berry, Dr. Z.M. Beaman, Ed Rittenhouse, Dr. J.L. Warvel, Tom Peabody, Lewis Naber, C.A. Harris, Dr. G.D. Balsbaugh, Dr. Ira Perry, Frank Pinney, Aaron Ulrey, Logan Ulrey, John Snyder, Melvin Haines, Dr. F.S. Kitson, H. Kinsey, Oliver Fox, Jordan Rhodes.