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Source: NMHS Newsletter Feb 2005

The Gym Fun
From Manchester College Aurora
- 1918

We used to read that education was a transformation from an inconsistent, incoherent homogeneity to a consistent coherent heterogeneity.  We didn't understand that but we have come to the conclusion that education consists of wholesome entertainment and recreation as well as latin paradigms or the value of x.  The need of this phase of education has been felt at M.C. for some time and several years ago the students were instrumental in erecting a gymnasium on the campus.

Last summer at the annual reunion there was a movement started to add a stage and swimming pools to the present building and have a satisfactory auditorium-gymnasium.  This sentiment was backed by an encouraging offering.

One day last fall the students, at the suggestion of the faculty, decided to take a holiday by cutting corn, cleaning house, selling kettles and eating dinner in the country and to turn the proceeds into the new Gym Fund.  This was an enjoyed success.

The various expressional organizations of the school caught the spirit and decided to unite their efforts in an entertainment course the proceeds of which were to BOOST THE GYM FUND.  This course consisted of a Music Recital (by the Music department, of course), a Reading Recital by the third year expression class, a joint program by the Majestica. Lincoln and Adelphian societies, an Open Gym.  A program, by the Athletic department, "Anita"s Trial," by the expression department, and the play "Between Two Lives" by the Civic and Oratorical League added.

The proceeds from the basketball games and quite a few generous pocket-books helped to swell this amount till it has passed the $1,000.00. mark.  Everybody is boosting the Gym Fund with enthusiasm and cash.

The new stage addition is being stuccoed and inside there will be dressing rooms, at either end and the stage in the middle.  The swimming pools will be underneath!  Get in the swim!

Note: The argument continues; were there ever swimming pool(s) ?  at Manchester College.. It's a mystery.