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Volume XX Number 3 August 2003

Manchester College and the Manchester School System

For twenty years Manchester College provided classrooms and equipment and teachers for the North Ward school, one of the elementary schools of the town. In addition, for more than ten years it conducted on the campus a high school level academy which accepted anyone who had completed the first eight grades of public school. This academy course was certified by the Indiana State Board of Education in 1910 although it was operating several years before that. It was closed in 1922 although a preparatory department for older students who could not meet the requirements for regular high school continued after that.

Because college teachers were not permitted to teach both college and academy students, a separate academy faculty was needed. President Otho Winder convinced several former MC students who had not received their degrees to return to college and teach classes in the academy. They earned an allowance of from $25 to $75 per month and continued their studies in College. Most eventually earned a Bachelor's degree. Among them were Vernon Schwalm, Edward Kintner, L.W. Shultz and W.W. Peters.

The North Ward school was the practice teaching setting and was part of a Normal School or a training school for student teachers. In 1909 Manchester College was accredited for class C elementary school teacher certification. This was a three-year Normal course at the College level and was in effect until 1939. At that time a four-year program became a new requirement for an elementary license for teaching in elementary schools.

North Ward classrooms were in what is now the Communications Building on the College Campus and were taught by regular teachers. College Normal students would observe these classes and eventually practice teach with master teachers observation and suggestions. In 1929 Manchester College was approved to give a B.S. leading to a high school license.

Some children attended classes at the college for their entire elementary school education. So there was a great deal of concern when the College gave notice to the school system that they no longer could provide facilities on campus for the North Ward School. At the same time the population in the Northeast section of town was increasing because of the influence of the College. This led to the building of the Thomas Marshall School in 1929. Kenneth Burr as Principal of the North Ward school at the College became the Principal of the new school and some of the College practice teachers served in this new school.