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NEWSLETTER XXXV, No. 3, August 2018

Highlights, by Mary Chrastil
Travel Tales, by Bernie Ferringer
Agricultural Reports in 1884 and 1886, by John Knarr
Benjamin Franklin Clemans, by John Knarr

NEWSLETTER XXXV, No. 2, May 2018

Plank Roads: Research Notes, by John Knarr
North Manchester Historical Society Members for 2018

NEWSLETTER XXXV, No. 1, February 2018

North Manchester Historical Society Activities in 2017, by Mary Chrastil, President
Visitors to the Center for History
2017 Contributors

NEWSLETTER XXXIV, No. 4, November 2017

Photo: Henry Lantz (1817-1865)...California Gold Miner (1852-1855)
Henry Lantz and Other Gold Miners from the North Manchester Area, ed. John Knarr

NEWSLETTER XXXIV, No. 3, August 2017

High-Wheelers, Horseless Carriages, and Highway Maps, Part One, by John Knarr


Ogan's Mills-1837
Manchester's Origins, by John Knarr
Canoes, Bottles and the Old Mill Race
Strategic Significance of Millstones & The American Revolutionary War
John Comstock: Road Commissioner in 1842
Petition to Vacate Streets and Alleys on the Island
Do You Know?

NEWSLETTER XXXIV, No. 1, February 2017

Eyewitness to History: The Founding of North Manchester

NEWSLETTER XXXIII, No. 4, November 2016

Major Downtown Fire (November 19, 2016)
Another Major Downtown Fire (January 1910)
In Memoriam: Ralph Naragon (1936-2016)
In Memoriam: Ferne Baldwin (1919-2016)
Accession in 2016
Ogan Surname Y-DNA Project

NEWSLETTER XXXIII, No. 3, August 2016

John Tipton (1786-1839)--Indiana Pioneer, Patriot, Planner, Prodigious Land Speculator, and Principal Provider of Political Patronage, by John Knarr


The Story of the Manchester Chime, by Lila Hammer
John Tipton's Political Advice to His Son in 1836
Fact-Checking Helm's 1884 History of Wabash County, by John Knarr
The Two Kintner Brothers and General John Tipton, by John Knarr

NEWSLETTER XXXIII, No. 1, February 2016

2016 Bicentennial Special Issue, by Mary Chrastil
NMHS Crowd Sourced Genealogy Project
2015 Annual Fund and Facade Contributors
Celebrating Indiana's Bison-Tennial, by John Knarr

NEWSLETTER XXXII, No. 4, November 2015

The Liars' Contest & Servia Big Days, by Gladys Airgood
Visitors to the Center for History in 2015
Excerpts from Servia, Indiana 1834-2011, by Gladys Airgood

NEWSLETTER XXXII, No. 3, August 2015

New Face on Main Street -- Again!, by Mary Chrastil
New Exhibits at the Center for History
Special Loans to the Center for History
Historical Society Sets Volunteer Records
2014 Volunteers of the Year Honored
Acquisitions Received in 2015, by Joyce Joy
Traveling Exhibits
Historic Homes Preservation Group
Bicentennial Sign
Peabody Endowment Benefit Auction, Saturday, August 22, 2015


Historical Perspectives on Lot #23: Oppenheim Buildings, 120-122-124 East Main St., by John Knarr
NMHS Members for 2015
Excerpt from Thomas Comstock's Diary, August 2, 1852

NEWSLETTER XXXII, No. 1, February 2015

Historical Perspectives on Lot No. 21 (Original Plat of N. Manchester), by John Knarr
2014 Annual Fund Contributors
NMHS Program Schedule for 2015

NEWSLETTER XXXI, No. 4, November 2014

Traveling Through North Manchester in 1877, by F.S. Bash

NEWSLETTER XXXI, No. 3, August 2014

Dr. Daniel M. Marshall at Rush Medical College, 1855-1856, by John Knarr
New Face on Main Street & Other Updates, by Mary Chrastil
Acquisitions Received Since January 2014, by Joyce Joy 

NEWSLETTER XXXI, No. 2, May 2014

The Contributions to North Manchester of Liegh Bradford Freed & Florence Thompson Freed, by Bonnie Dee Freed Merritt
You're Invited to a Special Joint Program with Indiana Landmarks
NMHS Membership for 2014
Liegh B. Freed, Music Publisher

NEWSLETTER XXXI. No. 1, February 2014

Mills, Millers, Milling, by John Knarr
2013 Annual Fund Contributors
NMHS--2014 Program Schedule

NEWSLETTER XXX No. 4, November 2013

Early Bridges & Bridge Builders in Wabash County, by Leola Hockett
The Liberty Mills Race Bridge
Liberty Mills Covered Bridge
From the Wabash County Commissioner's Record (1836-1837)

NEWSLETTER XXX No. 3, August 2013

Search Underway for Museum Director
Traveling Exhibits
"See Yourself in the Movies, 2013"
Historic Homes Preservation Update
Groups Tour the Center for History
Making a Name for the Center
Our Volunteers are the Best!, by Mary Chrastil
Recent Center for History Accessions, by Joyce Joy
Thomas Marshall Museum House Open
School Tours, by Nancy Reed
Buried Treasures Exhibit
Pioneer Families Exhibit
College Auction

NEWSLETTER XXX No. 2, May 2013

Karl & Bonnie Merritt--Thanks for the Travel Memories!
Our Early History in the County Commissioner's Records, by John Knarr
Wolf Traps & Wolf Scalp Bounties
Mark Stratton & The Wilds of North Manchester

NEWSLETTER XXX No. 1 February 2013

Dr. Marshall's Political Persuasion, Marshall-Douglas Correspondence 1858-1860, by John Knarr
Why "Manchester"?, by John Knarr
2012 Annual Fund Contributors
NMHS Executive Board for 2013

NEWSLETTER XXIX No. 4 November 2012

Thomas R. Marshall Elected VP--One Hundred Years Ago!
Mrs. Tom's Part in the Election
Blackmore Cigar Company of North Manchester, by John Knarr
North Manchester's Commercial Center (1850 Census), by John Knarr
Relative Wealth in Chester Township (1850), by John Knarr
North Manchester Historical Society -- 2012 Highlights, by Mary Chrastil

NEWSLETTER XXIX No. 3 August 2012

Year of the Opera Curtain at the Center for History, by Mary Chrastil
More News from the Center, by Nancy Reed
Recent Acquisitions at the Center for History, by Joyce Joy


North Manchester in the 1940 Census, by John Knarr
1940 Census Images of Local Households

NEWSLETTER XXIX No. 1 February 2012

The Opera House & Advertising Curtain: An Interview in 1982 with Dr. L.Z. Bunker, by Steve Batzka
Fiendish Flames - The Opera House Fire in 1885

NEWSLETTER XXVIII No. 4 November 2011

Automobiles, Part 2, by Robert A. Weimer
Beginnings of the Automobile Era
Some Early Automobile Dealerships in North Manchester
Frazier Hunt Returns to North Manchester in 1947
North Manchester Historical Society Highlights of 2011


Oppenheim Exhibit at Center for History, by Mary Chrastil
Tenth Anniversary and Mortgage Burning, by Mary Chrastil
Opera Curtain to Be Restored, by Mary Chrastil
Traveling Exhibits, by Mary Chrastil
Thomas Marshall House News, by Mary Chrastil
Spruce Up, Clean Up, by Nancy Reed
Big Bake Sale, by Nancy Reed
"See Yourself in the Movies" Project, by Nancy Reed
You Can Help. Here Are Some of Our Needs, by Nancy Reed
News Notes, by Nancy Reed
Automobiles & Memories, Part 1, by Robert Weimer


Frazier Hunt Remembers, Part 2, by John Knarr
The Class of 1903--Fourteen Graduates
NMHS Membership List for Year 2011

NEWSLETTER XXVIII No. 1 February 2011

Frazier Hunt Remembers North Manchester, 1893-1903, Part 1, by John Knarr
2010 Annual Fund

NEWSLETTER XXVII No. 4 November 2010

N.M. Historical Society Sets New Membership Levels and Benefits
Names, by Robert A. Weimer
Bryant Fannin: Wabash County Pioneer, by Michael R. Hayes
Hay Making at the Gamble Farm, by Robert A. Weimer

NEWSLETTER XXVII No. 3 August 2010

Peabody Singing Tower Listed on the National Register of Historic Places [photos]
Other N.M. Buildings, Structures and Districts Listed on the National Register of Historic Places


Red Ribbon Ceremony at Center for History - Miller Family Donates Vintage Farm Equipment [photo]
Wagon Makers & the Wheels of History, by John Knarr [photo]
Early Wagon Makers in North Manchester Area

NEWSLETTER XXVII No. 1 February 2010

NMHS - Recipient of Indiana Historical Society's Annual Award in 2009 [photo]
Historical Society Honored for Service
Historical Society Wins Spirit of the Community Award [photo]
NMHS Web Site, by John Knarr
2010 Membership of N. M. Historical Society
Beery's Apple Orchard, by Glen A. Beery

NEWSLETTER XXVI No. 4 November 2009

North Manchester Historical Society, by Bill Eberly
Bicycles, by Robert A. Weimer

NEWSLETTER XXVI No. 3 August 2009

Theodore Dreiser in North Manchester, Part Three, Tent Chautauqua, by John Knarr
Current Memberships N. Manchester Historical Society


Comstock's Cattle Drive to New York City, 1855, by John Knarr
Lots to See in the Center, by Nancy J. Reed
CFH Accessions Report, by Joyce Joy
Theodore Dreiser in North Manchester, Part Two (1915), by John Knarr
Quilts on Display at the Center, by Bea Knarr

NEWSLETTER XXVI No. 1 February 2009

Theodore Dreiser in North Manchester, Part I (1915), by John Knarr
A Trip to Niagara Falls, 1925

NEWSLETTER XXV No. 4 November 2008

North Manchester Wins America in Bloom Contest (from News Journal)
Stokin’ on Stogies: Frank M. Gift and Cigar Manufacturing in 1886, by John Knarr

NEWSLETTER XXV No. 3 September 2008

Joseph Ulrich
Notes on the College Library
1853 Diary of Jane Comstock


Some Events of 1884 in Wabash County
Time Marches On (Manchester College)

NEWSLETTER XXV No. 1 February 2008

Thomas Marshall House, by Stephen A. Batzka 
The Beef Ring, by E. William Ranck
John Aughinbaugh

NEWSLETTER XXIV No. 4 November 2007

North Ward Elementary School: The “Training School,” by Jo Ann Schall

NEWSLETTER XXIV No. 3 August 2007

“Fordy” First Psalm, by Jack Miller
Early Education and Family History, compiled by Orrel Little
Trusler & Parmenter’s Wabash County Directory for 1894
The Journey of the Marshall House
State Historical Marker for the Thomas Marshall Birthplace
Center for History Cuts a Ribbon and Formally Opens


Max and Sally Allen

NEWSLETTER XXIV No. 1 February 2007

Indiana Recognizes Brethren’s Annual Meetings, by William R. Eberly

NEWSLETTER XXIII No. 4 November 2006

Sarah Righter Major (1808-1884), by Joan Deeter
The Care Givers of Long Ago (Northern Indiana Ambulance Service), by Larry R. Freels

NEWSLETTER XXIII No. 3 August 2006

Those Hobo Days, by Jack Miller
Letter of Memories (Bertha Stine to sister Ida Winger, July 15, 1936)
Whitman’s Wabash County Business, Wabash Co., Ind. 1890


Cigar Manufacturing (1915-1916) & Chester W. Kilborn, by John Knarr
Hotel Sheller
The Planing Mill

NEWSLETTER XXIII No. 1 February 2006

Otho Winger and Manchester College

NEWSLETTER XXII No. 4 November 2005

The Wabash Road and Chris Speicher too!, by Jack Miller

NEWSLETTER XXII No. 3 August 2005

Ed Howe – Wabash County author
Rice House
Thomas Marshall Birthplace Dedication 8/12/05

NEWSLETTER XXII no. 2 May 2005

The Honorable John Comstock
Remembering West Ward School, by Jack Miller

NEWSLETTER XXII No. 1 February 2005

She’s pot-bellied, but she’s beautiful, by Jack Miller
Early Residents of Chester Township
Louie’s Candy Kitchen, by A. Ferne Baldwin
Wabash County Organization
The Gym Fund (From Manchester College Aurora-1918)

NEWSSHEET XXI No. 4 November 2004

The Cemeteries of Chester/Pleasant/Paw Paw Townships, Wabash County
Early Furniture Making in Indiana
Events of 1884 in Wabash Co.

NEWSSHEET XXI No. 3 September 2004

History of the N. M. Congregational Christian Church, by J.P. & Michelle Freeman
Reflections on the Church, by Margaret Leonhard
The Thomas Marshall Birthplace, by Ferne Baldwin

NEWSSHEET XXI No. 2 May 2004

The Chester School Building (from Dr. Bunker)
The Old Iron Bridge, by Jack Miller
Lester H. Binnie, by Ferne Baldwin

NEWSSHEET XXI No. 1 February 2004

Holiday Tour of Historic Homes with Drawings by Allan White
Remembering Rosehill, by Jack Miller

NEWSSHEET XX No. 4 November 2003

The History of North Manchester Undertakers, by Mike McKee
Collamer Grist Mill Falls Down (1934)


NEWSLETTER XX No. 3 August 2003

Manchester College and the Manchester School System
Photo: North Ward School classroom
North Manchester Schools

NEWSLETTER XX No. 2 May 2003

Drs R.H. Woodward and A. Simon – Indian Doctors
Reliving the Excitement of the North Manchester Fair, by Jack Miller
Pony Creek
Personal Sketch – John Aughinbaugh
One Way to Find Home – Cow Hunting (A Story from Pleasant Township)
Little Turtle’s Last Years

NEWSLETTER XX No. 1 February 2003

Mission Church – A Fond Memory for Former North Manchester Westender, by Jack Miller
Photo: Mission Church
Growing Up in North Manchester, by Mary Coe
Little Turtle

NEWSLETTER XIX No. 4 November 2002

North Manchester Foundry
Photo: Second Street Bridge
The First Kindergarten (from Dr. L. Z. Bunker)
Little Turtle, the Great Eel River Chief
Early Cabinet Makers in Chester Township – 1850
Some Early Ordinances
Street Paving in North Manchester Began Summer of 1903

NEWSLETTER XIX No. 3 August 2002

Photo—Livery Stable and the 1876 Hamilton Opera House
Heller’s Corner and La Balme’s Massacre
The Eel River Post and Fort
Along the Eel
Updated Fire Department (1883)
Notes from 1888
Straws in the Wind – Fifty Years Ago, by Harry Leffel
Early Indiana Money


The Dewitt Automobile Building 901 W. Main
Photo: Auto Factory
The Simonton Family
Old North Manchester Industries (from William E. Billings)
Liberty Mills Centennial
The Flouring Mill
Introduction to the Eel River

NEWSLETTER XIX No. 1 February 2002

Leaves from an Old Diary (1830-1850)
The Warner Brooder Building
Rex Windmill Building
Excelsior Factory
Peabody Seating

NEWSLETTER XVIII No. 4 November 2001

Holiday Tour of Historic Homes with Drawings by Deb Hammond
Harter Family Played an Important Part in Early N. Manchester History
Pottawatomi Were Earliest Settlers
The Cupp Family

NEWSLETTER XVIII No. 3 August 2001

Early American Folk Tales, by Jay Taylor
The Old Atlas (1875 Wabash County Atlas)


The Howe Vacuum Bait Company, by William R. Eberly
Drawing of Howe Vacuum Bait Company by Allan White
Photo of Francis (Frank) O. Howe 1874-1924
Excerpts from Tales of a Hoosier Village by William E. Billings
How the Wabash River Got Its Name
Early North Manchester Residents 1834-1865 (from Dr. Bunker)

NEWSLETTER XVIII No. 1 February 2001

The Eel River of Northern Indiana
Historical Society Summary BY Sara M. Allen
Main Street North Manchester Circa 1923-1928

NEWSLETTER XVII No. 4 November 2000

DeWitt Produced in North Manchester
Photo of High-Wheeled DeWitt Automobile
Historical Society Summary by Sara M. Allen

NEWSLETTER XVII No. 3 August 2000

N. Manchester Historical Society Contributes to Town of N. Manchester
The Brethren Largest and Best Meeting Ever Held by the Church
Interview with Eldon Wright, Lawyer
Grace Quivey Von Studiford


More News from 1900:
Erie Railroad Excursions/The Rex Wind Mill Plant/John V. Hornaday/Opera House

NEWSLETTER XVII No. 1 February 2000

The Story of the College Chime, by Lila Hammer
North Manchester in 1900
Rural Mail Route Established (1900)

NEWSLETTER XVI No. 4 November 1999

Historic Homes Tour in North Manchester – 1999, with photos
Stefan Kaufman, 1921-1963—Artist, Scientist and Friend, by Allan D. White

NEWSLETTER XVI No. 3 August 1999

World War II in North Manchester (from 1943 News-Journal)


News of North Manchester (from the 1930 News-Journal)

NEWSLETTER XVI No. 1 February 1999

Peabody Retirement Community with photos
Tom Peabody, Traveler
I Remember, by Merlin C. Finnell
U.R. Young Resigns, 1932 (Central School)
News Journal, 1893

NEWSLETTER XV No. 4 Nov 1998

Pioneer Reminiscences, by Harry Leffel
Taylor Nature Preserve, by Jay A. Taylor
1940 Advertised Prices
Philip Shaffer, M.D.
N. Manchester Businesses in 1920

NEWSLETTER XV No. 3 August 1998

Rarick Diary Gives Insight Into Manchester Life in 20’s and 30’s, by Ferne Baldwin
Photo: Rarick House, now Gladdys Muir Peace Garden
Three Church of Brethren Annual Conferences Drew Large Crowds
Wabash Lights 50 Years Ago (from 1930 News Journal)

NEWSLETTER XV No. 2 May 1998

Story of Two Chairs (Thomas Riley Marshall), by Robert F. Lancaster
North Manchester, Once Upon a Time, by Shirley Wilcox
The Mighty Teays, by Ferne Baldwin
An Interview with Lawrence W. Shultz
Getting Ready for College, by Otho Winger

NEWSLETTER XV No. 1 February 1998

Hello, Central (early telephone service in N.Manchester)
Frances Slocum
Daniel  U. Funderburg
Thomas Marshall House (1997 Report)
An Interview with Lawrence W. Shultz

NEWSLETTER XIV No. 4 November 1997

An Interview with Lawrence W. Shultz
Fire Destroys a Landmark (Manchester Church of the Brethren)
James B. Peabody
L.F. Noftzger
1997 Holiday Homes Tour

NEWSLETTER XIV No. 3 August 1997

History of the N. Manchester Public Library, by Davonne Rogers
Tree City USA—N. Manchester, Indiana, by Philip A. Orpurt
Acme School
Cemeteries Near Acme


Pioneer Days (from 1884 History of Wabash County by Helm)
A Model Religious Discussion (from Helm’s History)
Henry Heeter
Killing a Bear
The Squirrel Indian Village (Perry Twp., Miami County)
Millers (Michael Miller Family)

NEWSLETTER XIV No. 1 February 1997

The Story of Jas Townsend & Son, by James Townsend
Squirrel Indian Village—Niconza (Miami County)

NEWSLETTER XIII No. 4 November 1996

Christmas in our Town, by Jay A. Taylor
Special Days and Events (Hoover Family), by Irene Hoover Beery

NEWSLETTER XIII No. 3 August 1996

School Consolidation, by Glen Beery
Childhood Episodes, by Irene Hoover Beery


Blacksmithing, by Paul Moffat
I Remember, by Merlin C. Finnell (News Journal)

NEWSLETTER XIII No. 1 February 1996

Life of Billy Sunday, by Paul Keller
History of Riverside Garden Club, by Ruth Eiler

NEWSLETTER XII No. 4 November 1995

John Deere Comes to North Manchester
J. Raymond Schutz, by Wilbur Brookover
Auntie Gardner, by Charlotte Schutz Deavel
West Manchester Church Records

NEWSLETTER XII, No. 3 August 1995

My Blessing (Sadie Wampler), by Allen Willmert
Ace Hardware (from the News Journal, April 13, 1967)
I Remember, by Merlin C. Finnell (from News Journal)
West Manchester Church Records


Early Photography in North Manchester, by Dr. L.Z. Bunker
Photo: Della Wright, daughter of the J.H. Wrights of N. Manchester
Photo: Bible School building of Manchester College
The Big Four Tragedy (from Otho Winger, Memories of Manchester)
Farrier or Blacksmith, by L. Russell Long
Early Highways of Commerce (from Helm’s History of Wabash County)
The Other Trip to Buffalo, by Ferne Baldwin
Henry S. Hippensteel—Educator, by Ferne Baldwin
Tom Marshall’s Last Speech
James Whitcomb Riley Anecdote

NEWSLETTER XII No. 1 February 1995

Churches of North Manchester, by Rosemary Manifold
Photo: First church building of German Baptist Brethren in N.M. built in 1881
On the Road in 1929, by Allan D. White
Farrier or Blacksmith, by L. Russell Long

NEWSLETTER XI No. 4 November 1994

The Wabash-Erie Canal 1832 – 1876, by Ferne Baldwin
North Manchester’s Neighbors—Towns of this Area
Cecil Eiler – Home from the North Woods, by Suzanne Eiler Miller
Chester Township (from Helm’s History of Wabash County)
Gold Fish, by L. Russell Long

NEWSLETTER XI No. 3 August 1994

Thomas Marshall Birthplace Moved to “Final” Location
Photo: Thomas Marshall Birthplace
Earthquakes in Indiana, by Ferne Baldwin
Wabash County History--Chester Twp (Helm’s History of Wabash County)
North Manchester’s Neighbors—Towns of this Area

NEWSLETTER XI No. 2 May 1994

An Unforgettable Voyage (the Titanic), by Elmer Zimmerman
The Stockdale Mill—Roann, by Norma P. (Deck) Krom
The Bureau of Tests and Measurements, by Ferne Baldwin
Central School, by Ferne Baldwin
Famous North Manchester Storms, by Ferne Baldwin
The Big Four Depot Fire, by Ferne Baldwin

NEWSLETTER XI No. 1 February 1994

Play Ball, by L. Russell Long
Frantz and Loucks, General Contractors, by Jean Loucks Grubb-King
Hayes Motors, Inc.—First Buick/Pontiac Dealer in N.M., by Michael R. Hayes

NEWSLETTER X No. 4 November 1993

North Manchester Airport, by Orpha J. Weimer
Grandstaff Rendering—Recyclers Since 1917, by David Grandstaff

NEWSLETTER X, No. 3 August 1993

Grove’s Grocery, by Ruth Anna Taylor
A Sense of Place, by Ladoska Z. Bunker
Romeo and Juliet, 20th Century, by Elizabeth L. Hendrix
The American Hotel Fire

NEWSLETTER X No. 2 May 1993

Focus on Heckman Bindery, by Steve Heckman
A Conversation with Dr. L.Z. Bunker, by Jay A. Taylor

NEWSLETTER X No. 1 February 1993

Historical Society Undertakes Preservation of Marshall House
A Hoosier Lawyer Serves His Country (Thomas R. Marshall)
The Intriguing Mr. Gaddis, by Jay A. Taylor
Widow of Thomas Marshall Dies

NEWSLETTER IX No. 4 November 1992

A Hoosier Lawyer Becomes Vice President, by Ferne Baldwin
Memo From the Teacher’s Desk, by Orpha J. Weimer
Five Flags Over This Land, by Dr. L. Z. Bunker

NEWSLETTER IX No. 3 August 1992

Then and Now, 1834 to 1992 (Surveyors Field Notes), by Lester H. Binnie
Map: Eel River and Creeks
Opera House Fire
Manchester Owns Hidden Treasure—Koinonia, by Elizabeth L. Hendrix

NEWSLETTER IX No. 2 May 1992

The Young Hotel, by L.Z. Bunker
Noah Lindsey—Early Wabash County Pioneer, by Michael R. Hayes
Orpha J. Weimer, by Sara Mertz Allen
Campus Memory, by Orpha J. Weimer

NEWSLETTER IX No. 1 February 1992

Miss Dare Dared!, by Orpha J. Weimer
The Harter Family in Wabash County, by Don H. Garber
Roots in Education, by Ferne Storer
Save the Wetlands!, by Ladoska Z. Bunker

NEWSLETTER VII, No. 4 November 1991

Martyr to Science, by Orpha J. Weimer
Tour of Beautiful Houses (Dec 1, 1991)
Housing in North Manchester 1891-1991, by L..Z Bunker
Two Who Endured, by Elizabeth L. Hendrix

NEWSLETTER VIII No. 3 August 1991

Gladdys Muir in North Manchester, by Allen C. Deeter
Photo: Gladdys Muir
Ku Klux Klan Activities in North Manchester, by Orpha Book
Paul Hathaway: Our Enterprising Marshal, by Shirley Hathaway Glade


Paul Hathaway, Our Enterprising Marshal, by Shirley Hathaway Glade
Photo: Paul Hathaway
On George and Julia Gaddis, by James R.C. Adams
The River in Art and Life, by L.Z. Bunker

NEWSLETTER VIII No. 1 February 1991

O.C. Burkhart Poultry & Eggs
Photo: Inside Burkhart Poultry and Eggs


Photo: Russell “Mike” Michael’s service station, now Mr. Dave’s Restaurant
Town’s North End Students Assigned to College Classrooms
The Indians Called It Kenapocomoco, by L.Z. Bunker
Map: Kenapocomoco River
Hero Worship, by Orpha J. Weimer
Covered Bridge Progress Report

NEWSLETTER VII No. 4 November 1990

Peabody Impact Beyond North Manchester, by Nolan D. Walker
Marshalls’ Sofa Finds Way Home After 65 Years
Riverside and Wednesday Night Bank Concerts, by Dorothy Joseph
Indian Relics in Northern Wabash County, by L.Z. Bunker
Photo: Indian stones

NEWSLETTER VII No. 3 August 1990

The Eel River and its Railroad, by Richard S. Simons
Photo: Liberty Mills train trestle over Eel River
Photos: Old “Brick” Mill (Planing Mill/Brake Lining)
Now that the Brick Mill is Gone
Those Abstracts to Title of Property, by L.Z. Bunker
The Museum Occupies New Quarters in the Marshall Building
Good Times in a “Gypsy” Camp, by Orpha J. Weimer


Sadie Wampler, by J. Allen Willmert
Photo: Sadie Wampler
Marble Fever, by Orpha J. Weimer
Northern Wabash County Antiques, by L.Z. Bunker
Edna Heeter’s Recollections of a Fine Blue Platter
President Winger Anecdote, by Orpha J. Weimer

NEWSLETTER VII No. 1 February 1990

Snows and Cold of Yesterday, by L.Z. Bunker and Edna Frushour Heeter
Photo: 1918 winter storm
Good Old Days Over Dinner, by Orpha J. Weimer
Passed By Here, by L.Z. Bunker
Poems—Old Covered Bridge, by Gladys Fawley Scheumann
Aunt Mary, by Orpha J. Weimer

NEWSLETTER VI, No. 4 November 1989

A.M. Strauss Firm Dissolved After 70 Years, by Allan D. White
Pioneer, Preacher, Abolitionist: Bryant Fannin Brings the Word, by Michael R. Hayes
Postcard photos of Rev. Bryant Fanning Sr. and Rev. Bryant Fanning Jr.
Historical Society Sponsors Eleventh Tour Since 1972, with photos
Photo: Old Lutz & Rager general store at 111 East Main Street
A Holiday Stroll in North Manchester, by L.Z. Bunker

NEWSLETTER VI No. 3 August 1989

The Prairie Lives, by L.Z. Bunker
The Buckeye Cookbook, by L.Z. Bunker
Graduates Distinguish Old Bippus High School, by Dell Ford
True Story, by L.Z. Bunker
Call Me Madame, by L.Z. Bunker
Tidbits from The Journal, 1887-1889

NEWSLETTER VI No. 2 May 1989

The Hamilton Opera House: A Memoir 1880-1962, by L.Z. Bunker
Photo: Elizabeth Henney Rex
Photo: Hamilton Opera House circa 1910
Photo: In Front of the Jefferson Livery, about 1910
C.D. Johnson Livery Stable and Bus Line (from The Journal, Nov 22, 1888)
A Bison for China, by Orpha Weimer
The Story of the Lincoln Monument (on Wabash Court House lawn)

NEWSLETTER VI No. 1 February 1989

Double Election Excitement! (1912), by Allan White
Isaac Place: Hunter-Pioneer, by Wilbur Place
Photo: Sons of Union Veterans of Civil War, with Guilford B. Place, son of Isaac Place
Train Disaster in Town

NEWSLETTER V No. 4 November 1988

Money Makes The Mare Go (Horse Racing)
Photo: Horse race at Fairground (now Peabody)
Photo: Photo postcard showing street light hanging at intersection Main/Market
An Electric Light Enterprise (from The Journal, 1887)
Dr. Bunker Responds (to account of first reunion of 47th Ind. Volunteers)
A Silent Family Circle in Greenwood
The Boom Has Started (N.M. Fruit Preserving & Canning Co./Excelsior Mfg Co.)
Today’s Topics: Thirty-five Years, article written by W.E. Billings

NEWSLETTER V No. 3 August 1988

The Rock & Hospital on the Wabash, submitted by Orpha Weimer
The Plank Road and the $500 Bull
The Way We Were in 1936, by Bob Nelson
Thanksgiving Twice in One Year!, by Orpha Weimer
Good Times of Young Pioneers

NEWSLETTER V No. 2 May 1988

Salt of the Earth, by Orpha Weimer
Photo: Gamble/Hill/Weimer Families circa 1910
First Reunion of 47th Indiana Volunteers (from The Journal, Sep 27, 1883)
Photo: 47th Regiment Reunion with tents
Photo: Where Liberty Bird Flour is Made (Liberty Mills)
Billing’s Account of the Comstock Impact on the Birth of Liberty Mills
Small Town Boy Goes Wrong (John Dillinger), by L.Z. Bunker

NEWSLETTER V No. 1 February 1988

Early Education and Family History, by Orrel Little
Lloyd C. Douglas, 1877-1951, by Shirley Rogers
What Did Columbus Discover?, by Orpha Weimer
The War is Over for Atlas Plant (from News-Journal, 1945)
Liberty Mills and its Proprietor (from Billings, Tales of the Old Days)

NEWSLETTER IV, No. 3 August 1987

Paradise Springs, by Orpha Weimer
Map: Indiana map showing tracts purchased from Indian tribes
Photo: Chief Richardville
The Leedy Motor Company—Memories of Howard C. Warren
A Civil War Letter (from Judy Scheerer)
Examining Day, by Orpha Weimer


The Whistles of Our Forefathers (N.M. Mfg Industries), by Wm. E. Billings
Speed’s Shoe Repair Shop on Main Street, by Edna L. Heeter
The First Division of Territory of the Church of the Brethren (from Winger)
Long Time No See, by Orpha Weimer
The Christian Science Church at 203 N. Market Street

NEWSLETTER IV No. 1 February 1987

On the Life and Paintings of Daniel Garber, N. Manchester Native, by Max & Sally Allen
Photo: Daniel Garber
Photo: Kerney Wertenberger’s big band in Laketon
Photo: Laketon Bank
Some Memories of Laketon, by Howard Ulsh (As Told to Lester Binnie)
Folding Bath Tubs (from Billings, Tales of the Old Days)
Sugaring-Off, by Orpha Weimer
Ethel Longenecker Remembers, As Told to Lester Binnie

NEWSLETTER III No. 4 November 1986

Old Sorrel (Gilbert Moore & Civil War), by Orrin Manifold
The Bay View Reading Circle, by Harry Leffel (Nov 1957)
Early History of North Manchester
Some Memories of Laketon, by Howard Ulsh, As Told to Lester Binnie
Grace Von Studiford Opera Star (from News Journal)
An Unsung Hero (Charles Ambridge), by Mrs. Harry Weimer

NEWSLETTER III No. 3 August 1986

Memories of Jacob Ulery, by Joan Koller
Photo: Jacob Ulery
Photo: Jacob Ulery’s large schooner wagon hitched to horses
Photo: Miss Winesburg’s class
Photo: Paving of Main Street
The Paving of Main Street, by Virginia Glist
Speeches & Oral Histories Transcribed for Historical Society
Buckeye Hill—Some Memories of Eunice (Cripe) Ribley
The Beef Ring—An Early Farm Co-op, by E. William Ranck
It was Fun at Grandpa’s—The Bakery, by E. William Ranck
Genealogy, Anyone?-Resources Within Your Community, by Virginia Glist
Soon to be Dismantled? (Wabash Road Iron Bridge with photo)


N. Manchester’s Automobile Factory, by Orrin Manifold (from The Manchester Journal)
Halderman – Holderman Cemetery
Thomas Marshall School, by Kelly Knarr
Memories of Mr. Ben (Oppenheim) and Lulu (Gamble), by Mrs. Harry R. Weimer
North Manchester Covered Bridge, by Daphne Cook
Photo: Covered Bridge
Photo: Auto Factory
Photo: DeWitt Motor Buggy

NEWSLETTER III No. 1 February 1986

The Lawyer takes a Bride! (with photos of Thomas Marshall and Lois Kimsey)
“I’m going to buy this here arm of yours,” by Orpha Weimer
So You’re Wondering What the Sesquicentennial is All About?
John Hook’s 1st entry into North Manchester
A Friendly Hand, by Mrs. Harry R. Weimer

NEWSLETTER II No. 4 November 1985

Life and Times of the Early Vet: B.E. Stauffer, by Dorothy H. Joseph
Literary Societies, by Orpha Book
Photo: Lincoln Literary Society
Memories of Harry Weimer
Photo: Pleasant Grove (or McCutcheon) School About 1906
Our Saloma and the Wolves, by Mrs. Harry R. Weimer
Photo: Mrs. Sarah Saloma Myers with two daughters & Rev. J.H. Wright

NEWSLETTER II No. 3 August 1985

Harry and the Nuclear Threshhold, by Orpha J. Weimer
Photo: Harry and Orpha Weimer with college students
Photo: Weimer Custom Canning Company
List of Schools in Chester Twp in about 1880
Dyanne Tracy, by Barbara Welborn
Hotel Sheller , line drawing ; “Tribute to Jane Sheller”
Eleven Decades Great! (Oppenheim Department Store)

NEWSLETTER II No. 2 May 1985

The Noble Career of Martha Winesburg, by Edna L. Heeter and L.Z. Bunker
Photo: Martha Winesburg
Street Name is Prompt Tribute to V.P. (Thomas Marshall), by Fran Carlson
Photo: The Circus Came to Town
I Guess They Hadn’t Been Invented! (Tales of N.M. 1900-1913)

NEWSLETTER II No. 1 February 1985

West Manchester Church, with line drawing
Blanche Cunningham: Eyewitness 1900
Photo: West Ward School Building, later Martha Winesburg
Photo: Lawrence National Bank at 126 East Main St.
No Fairer Place (N.M. Fairground), by William L. Scott
Photo: Sulky races at Fairground
Photo: 1914 N. Manchester Fair

NEWSLETTER I No. 4 November 1984

The Trail of Tears—Second Thoughts, by Ladoska Z. Bunker
Observations on North Manchester, by L.W. Schultz

NEWSLETTER I No. 3 August 1984

Marshall’s Home to be Restored
The Search for Entertainment in 19th Century N. Manchester, by L.Z. Bunker
Short Course in North Manchester History, by L.W. Schultz 1972
Photo: North Manchester Depot
Photo: Hamilton’s Opera House
Photo: Main Street Fair

NEWSLETTER I No. 2 May 1984

Town Board Approves Move to Town Hall (Museum)
Memory of man hazy despite cigar (Thomas Marshall)
Photo: Home of V.P. Thomas R. Marshall in Columbia City
Photo: Thos. R. Marshall 5c cigar box

NEWSLETTER I No. 1 February 1984

Our Active Little Hoosiers & Dyanne Tracy
Holderman Plaque