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Source: NMHS Newsletter Nov 2001

The Cupp Family

This is material copied from a loose-leaf notebook give to Bertha Miller Neher Stine, its author unknown. The book was passed to her sister Edith Miller who added some notes. Then it came to Viola Neher Whitehead, then to the William Eberlys and now to us.

The name Cupp is listed as spelled thirteen different ways.

Jacob and Daniel Kopp arrived on the ship Nancy from Rotterdam as German immigrants. In Philadelphia they took an oath indicating that they had arrived in the early 1700s. The early Cupps were of the Lutheran faith. Jacob Cupp was taxed sixteen shillings, four pence on 25 acres of land, one horse and one cow in 1769. Mark Cupp was taxed for the same property in 1774. The relationship of these men is not clear.

The book contains a copy of the will of Marcus Cupp (1780 - 1820) written in 1816 in Virginia, presented in court in 1820. "It is my last well and desire - being aged and infirm but of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die - I do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament. First I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the dust to be buried in a decent and Christianlike manner. It is my last will and desire that my well beloved wife Margaret have the whole of the plantation whereon I now live, together with a negro boy Randel, the horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, household furniture, farming tools, wagon etc. or so much of the above mentioned things as she may wish to keep or have use for during her life. It is my will that my two stills and vessels be sold soon after my decease, and also anything else that my wife will not wish to keep." And he tells how his daughter Peggy should have $20 a year as long as she stays with her mother.

One line of Marcus Cupp's descendants:

Marcus Cupp and his wife Margaret had twelve children .

Henry Cupp (1780 - 1867) married Susana Baker (1786 - 1824). They had eight children.

Marcus Cupp (1811 -1905) their third child married Elizabeth Brower (1829 -1880). Of their ten children, three Sarah, John,


Emma) married siblings (Amos, Emma, John { Miller}).

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp (1856 - 1930) their fifth child (of 9 girls, 1boy) married Amos B. Miller (1849 - 1929). Their four children were:

Bertha Inez Miller (1873- 1948) married Levi M. Neher and m - 2 A. M. Stine Her five children were: Royal M. Neher married Helen Mahoney Viola Crystal Neher married Glen Whitehead Charles Kendal Neher married Ethel Sherman Galen Virgil Neher died of typhoid in 1925 Lauren Mark Neher married Katherine Smith

Ida May Miller (1873 - 1944) married Otho Winger (1877 - 1946) Her two children were: Robert Paul

Asa Leroy Miller (1855 - 1950) married Olive Deardorff (1886 - 1979) His five children were: Hazel Olive married Dale LeClare Mabel Edith Ralph Leroy married Christine Amour Betty Mae married Ralph McMacken Sara Frances

Edith Alice Miller (1888 - 1975)