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Source: NMHS Newsletter May 1997

Miller Family Genealogy

Michael Miller was born in Lancaster County Penna and at the age of about ten he floated down the Ohio with his parents and family to Kentucky. After about seven years they moved into Ohio and later to Montgomery County Ohio. His first marriage was to Salome Cramer and they had 12 children. His second marriage to Elizabeth Brumbaugh added ten children. Many of these children moved to Indiana... and at least six sons of Michael and Salome moved to Wabash, Miami or Huntington County. So many of the descendants of this line are known to many of us.

One of these six was Michael Miller born in 1817 who came to North Manchester. His first marriage was to Charity Maurer and they perhaps had three children. His second marriage was to Phoebe Bigler and they had l5 children. Several - perhaps six - died young, and one, Malinda, was blind from the age of nine months.

A son, Amos, was born March 12, 1849, married Sarah E. Cupp. and lived in North Manchester. Their oldest child was Bertha Cupp Miller who married Levi Neher and had one son, Levi. She became well known for several reasons. Her book, AMONG THE GIANTS, a story introducing six common failings became popular in the late 1800's. The copy in the College library is one of the fourth edition. It was unusual for a woman to be a minister at that time and she actually served as a pastor for a time.

Sarah and Amos' second child was Ida who was well known for her marriage to Otho Winger, long-time president of Manchester College. They were the parents of two sons.

Edith was the third daughter and was never married, specially known for caring for the Wingers near the end of their lives.

Their youngest child was LeRoy who married Olive A Deardorff. They were the parents of five children. LeRoy managed a phone company and later owned and operated a golf course. They moved away from North Manchester.

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